What is a Component Cable? Everything You Need to Know

Before the dawn of fully digital high definition or HD entertainment in movies, television, and gaming, people were still using analog technologies like RCA or component cables. The component cable became all the rage in the early to mid-2000s as the highest quality media connection standard until HD took over. It’s so full quality it can even reproduce… Read More »

What’s The Best Component to HDMI Converter for Wii?

Why would you need a component to HDMI converter for the Wii anyway? First off, the Nintendo Wii is a best-selling console of its generation back in the 2000s that beat the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 in terms of sales (even though the PlayStation 2 remains the best-selling console of all time). It’s a… Read More »

How to Connect Soundbar to TV with HDMI

A soundbar or soundbar is an amplifier/amp device that amps up or makes louder the sound from your HDTV speakers, thus ensuring better and more voluminous sound quality that surrounds your entire guestroom or bedroom. It’s also easy to set up and extremely versatile. There are many methods of connecting your soundbar to your HDTV, which is something… Read More »

How to Connect Wii to Smart TV

If your new TV is younger than your Nintendo Wii game console, you might need a special adapter or converter in order to allow it to connect to something like a smart TV. Meanwhile, a smart TV is a special kind of TV that allows Internet connectivity and support of a wide range of streaming apps to allow… Read More »

Top 10 Best RCA to HDMI Converters

An RCA or phono connector (also known as Cinch connector) is an electrical connector type used to carry audio and video signals together, typically through 1 video and 2 stereo audio connectors (as in the case of composite video). In the component video, the RCA connectors can number 5, with 3 video connectors and 2 stereo connectors instead.… Read More »