S/PDIF vs. Toslink: Which One Is Better?

Many people are confused regarding what’s the difference between TOSLINK and SPDIF. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right article if you want to know which is better or which is which, S/PDIF vs Toslink. They’re actually quite similar to each other, but manufactured by different companies—SPDIF is made by Sony and Philips while TOSLINK is made by Toshiba.… Read More »

What is The Best RCA Switcher

A switcher is a device that allows a single display (an HDTV, projector, or computer monitor as well as audio speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, soundbars, and stereo systems) to switch between different source media devices connected to it with the ease of switching from channel to channel or station to station. For example, a switcher allows an HDTV to… Read More »

RCA vs. XLR: What’s The Nitty-Gritty?

Wiring and cable management isn’t just about putting cable clips on your cables and color-coding them for your convenience so that everything is neatly stacked into place without you ending up with spaghetti wires or octopus connections. The specifics of your wire configuration also depend on the devices you’re connecting and the overall wiring requirements. In particular, audio… Read More »

RCA vs. SPDIF Cables – How Are They Different?

When you set up a home entertainment system or upgrade your surround-sound setup, the right type of audio cable matters. If you want truly the best, you should know what options are available, from analog to digital. In this article, take a look and find out – RCA vs. SPDIF – how are they different? RCA vs. S/PDIF… Read More »

What Is The Best Component Switcher?

Component video, also known as YPbPr, is an A/V media standard that connects a media source (like a DVD player) to a display (like a television set). It splits up color information in three ways, hence it being also known as “Y”, “Pb”, and “Pr”. This standard specifically uses a “color-difference” signal variant, wherein it’s composed of Luminance… Read More »