S-Video vs. HDMI: Is There Even a Comparison?

S-video (or S-Video) isn’t really comparable to HDMI simply because S-video is no match against the current A/V (audio/video) connection standard of the High Definition Era of Television, Movies, and Video Games. With that said, it pays to know the difference between this analog and digital A/V protocols for posterity’s sake and to know the pros and cons… Read More »

RCA vs. HDMI – Which Cable is Better?

It has been a long time since people first had cable TV. Since then, people have made so many innovations that significantly improved video quality. What can be considered quality videos back in the day is far from the average TVs you can find today. It’s all thanks to digital technology. Now, you can find almost all households… Read More »

SDI vs. HDMI – How Do These Connections Differ?

How do you output audio and video signals to a streaming device from a video source? There are a lot of ways to do that. The most common method, though, is the use of either SDI or HDMI. The question is, ‘which one should you use?’ In this SDI vs. HDMI post, you will find out the differences… Read More »

SPDIF vs. HDMI: What’s the Difference

Because HDMI cables can deliver audio as well as video, they’re also used for connecting media sources to AV receivers and the like, making it a viable competition against S/PDIF or SPDIF and optical/TOSLINK cables as well. HDMI cables are all-around devices that can outdo its SPDIF counterpart in certain respects, but you shouldn’t underestimate the value of… Read More »