How to Connect iPhone to TV?

You can connect the iPhone to your TV in order to play local videos or stream Netflix using HDMI or an adapter for HDMI (USB-C to HDMI). Just watch out for HDCP on your HDMI connection. Netflix uses it to block mobile streams mirrored to another TV or monitor.

How to Connect iPad to TV?

When connecting your iPad to your TV, you should do so via wires—like a Lightning or USB-C to HDMI adapter—or via Airplay and an Apple-compatible smart TV. Otherwise, it won’t work or you’ll get less-than-desired results like a black screen with sound but no video feed.

How to Connect A/V Receiver to TV?

The A/V receiver helps “expedite” or at least streamline your stereo or sound system when connecting it to your HDTV, plasma TV or CRT TV. Even with the dawn of HDMI-ARC or eARC, A/V receivers remain immensely popular for home entertainment systems.