How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to TV?

In order to pair a Bluetooth speaker to your TV, you must be using a smart TV or have a Bluetooth dongle adapter available for use with CRT TVs or more primitive HDTVs with no smart functions or Bluetooth connectivity. It shouldn’t be a problem to connect an extra speaker or two to your TV, especially if you… Read More »

How to Connect Android Phone to TV?

In order to connect an Android phone to a TV, it must be a compatible smart TV. You should also have a USB-C to HDMI cable to allow for a wired connection. Or you can streamcast via Chromecast device to allow Android to TV connectivity to happen. You must’ve experienced times when you’re watching something on your Android… Read More »

How to Connect Laptop to TV?

You can connect your laptop to your TV by HDMI, VGA, or some sort of VGA or HDMI adapter. It depends on the TV set and how old it is. Most are HD flatscreens but you need adapters for CRT tube TVs.