How to Connect TV to Wi-Fi?

How to Connect TV to Wi-Fi

A smart TV can connect to the Internet by Wi-Fi or Ethernet means because it’s designed to accept the Wi-Fi connection. It also uses the Internet by updating its operating system firmware, downloading various apps to expand its capabilities, and use streaming apps to stream TV shows and movies on the net.

In light of all this, do you know how to connect the tv to wifi? It’s quite simple, actually. It’s as simple as connecting your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC to your Wi-Fi.

How to Connect TV to Wi-Fi

Most smart TVs include Wi-Fi connectivity. This means they have a wireless adapter installed inside them. It only takes a few minutes to connect to the web using connectivity apps on the operating system of your PC-like smart TV.

This option works best when your TV is in the same room as your router or at least within the coverage area of said device. In regards to how to connect, you need to do the following:

  • Press the Menu Button: Press on your TV remote or clicker the “Menu” or “Setup” button to get to your system settings or configuration. Specifically look for “Network Settings” or “Wi-Fi” on the menu in order to properly configure it.
  • Configure Network Settings: Setup your wireless connection in the network settings by choosing your home Wi-Fi SSID or name (like Xfinity Internet, for example) then typing in your password (either the default one or the customized one depending on what’s available).
  • Wait for Confirmation: Wait for confirmation that you’ve connected to the Internet and then check if you can truly browse the net by opening a web browser or streaming app for YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Prime Video, HBO Go, HBO Max, Disney+, BritBox,, and so forth.

How Beneficial is a Wireless Connection Anyway?

The main advantage of a wireless connection is the lack of wires. It’s bothersome to practice cable management and lining up your cables to the side of the walls or putting in cable clips to prevent them from getting tangled like spaghetti or ramen.

  • Simple Setup: Connecting to Wi-Fi Internet on your smart TV by remote is almost as simple as connecting to Wi-Fi by your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You just need to know how to get to network settings and remember the password of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Clutter-Free Freedom: This makes a Wi-Fi setup with a router the perfect way to keep your living room or entertainment den completely clutter-free. You also have more freedom when it comes to placing your smart TV anywhere you want.
  • Wall-Mounting Your TV: It’s easier to have your smart HDTV mounted not only because it’s flatscreen and HDMI-powered but also because wireless options allow you to do things like have online matches in Street Fighter V on PS4 without Ethernet cables getting in the way.

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Can You Connect CRT TVs to Wi-FI?

No. A cathode ray tube TV has an analog connection and standard definition display. More importantly, it’s not a digital television set. You can convert HDMI media players to accommodate the analog architecture with adapters or converters, but you can’t convert the CRT TV into a digital TV.

You can, however, connect more advanced media players—like the latest DVD players, BD players, game consoles, and streaming sticks—to the Internet then link them to a CRT TV like a downscaled monitor with the sides cropped off.

However, this technically still isn’t connecting your CRT TV to the Internet. It’s the media players it’s connected to that have access to the Internet instead of the CRT itself. The CRT TV is nothing more than a monitor with built-in speakers in this scenario.

Why Does a Smart TV Require Internet Anyway?

A smart TV is practically PC-like so you can do things on it that you once can only do with your PC, like browse the Internet, download files, download apps, and stream videos from YouTube or Netflix directly on the smart TV hard disk without the assistance of an Amazon FireStick or Roku device.

  • Connect Your TV to the Web: Connect your TV to the web because TV nowadays is more and more about streaming and less and less about broadcasting through the airwaves (terrestrial TV) or paying for cable/satellite-exclusive channels.
  • Your TV Needs Firmware Updates: Software in the 2020s is all about regular patches and up-to-the-minute updates from the net to your digital TV. This requires almost 24/7 connection to the web and wait times as your system updates itself.
  • A Smart TV Does More Than a Normal TV: The cool thing about a smart TV that you can’t get from a “normal” or “standard” TV from yesteryear is its ability to serve as its own media player. It downloads videos or streams them for your perusal with its own hard disk and firmware.
  • It Can Run Apps and Games: Some TVs work like your Android or iOS devices in that they’re capable of downloaded and running apps, including those for streaming and those for games. You can practically use the TV like a PC at this point.

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How Fast is Your Broadband Connection?

The smoothness of your streaming and online gaming via consoles like the Switch, Xbox Series X, or the PlayStation 5 all depends on how fast your broadband is. Smart TV has been built mainly to allow you to watch online videos as well as use it like a “smart” device or PC.

The faster your broadband, the better quality your Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video series binges and catch-up TV will become. It also makes movie nights extra special and super-smooth, even if you were to use a projector instead of an HDTV to give what you’re watching that true cinematic feel!

You absolutely need the fastest broadband connection package of at least 25 Mbps in order to allow your 4K Ultra HD smart TV to play the highest-quality streaming films and TV shows possible.

How to connect LG TV to wifi?

It’s easy to connect your LG TV to your WiFi network. Just follow these simple steps:

First, click the Gear button on your remote. Then, press the down arrow key on your remote until you hover over Network. Once you’ve done that, hit the center button on your remote to select Network.

Your TV will now open Settings. Click on the right arrow to enter the hovered Network menu. Then, select the option Wi-Fi Connection by navigating down and selecting the center button of your remote. After that, hit the center button again to turn on the WiFi on your TV.

Next, select the WiFi network that you want to connect to. If your Wi-Fi is password-protected, use the Virtual keyboard to put in the password. Finally, test your Wi-Fi network by pressing Home on your remote and going through your TV’s app store, browser, or streaming services to check if you’re connected to the internet. And that’s it! You’re now connected to wifi.

How to connect wifi to Sony TV?

Although many people now use wifi connections in their homes, there are still some devices that need to be connected manually. If you have a Sony TV, you may be wondering how to connect it to your wifi network. The process is actually fairly simple.

  • First, press the Home button on the remote control.
  • Then, select Settings ->Network. Press Enter.
  • Next, select Network Setup and then Set up the network connection. When prompted how you’d like to set up your network, select Auto.
  • Select Wireless LAN to configure the TV wirelessly and then press Enter. Select No to scan for available wireless networks. Select your wireless network name (SSID) from the list and then press Enter.
  • When the security type of your wireless network appears, press Enter again. Enter your wireless network’s password. When the TV is successfully connected to the Internet screen appears, select Quit Network Setup.

To test the connection, select Applications > Internet Browser in the Menu screen and then press Enter. That’s all there is to it! Now you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies with ease.

How to connect wifi to Samsung TV?

Not all houses are wired for cable television anymore but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your Samsung TV.

By connecting your TV to your home’s wifi, you can access a world of streaming content.

  • To get started, use the directional pad on your TV’s remote to select Settings. Then, select General and choose Network.
  • Select Open Network Settings and find the name of your wifi network. Enter the password for the network and then select Done.
  • Finally, choose OK to complete the connection.

Now, you can sit back and enjoy all of your favorite shows and movies without ever having to leave your couch.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s as easy as ABC to connect your smart TV to the Internet. If it’s a non-smart HDTV or CRT TV, the thing  you need to connect to Wi-Fi if ever is the DVD or BD player you’re linking into them, if not the streaming stick altogether.

Devices like the Roku Stick Plus and Amazon Fire TV Stick all have built-in Wi-Fi network adapters you can use to “connect” the CRT to Wi-Fi.


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