How to Connect Hulu to TV?

How to Connect Hulu to TV

If you wish to cut your cable TV cord but still want access to your favorite TV shows without resorting to digital piracy because you want to support the makers of such shows, you can do so with Hulu. Hulu is like Netflix but with a stronger library of on-demand channels and thousands of video content.

Indeed, if you wish to know how to connect Hulu to TV then you’ve come across the right article. It all makes perfect sense to go all-in on Hulu once push comes to shove and you want something other than your usual Netflix and Prime Video offerings.

How to Connect Hulu to TV

You can watch Hulu from your TV through several methods from the comfort of your living room.  You can watch it on your phone, tablet, or laptop Internet browser then use Chromecast to stream it on to your HDTV.

You can use Android TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and other smart TVs to download the Hulu app and open your account from there.  It’s also possible to use gaming consoles like the Sony PlayStation and the Xbox to watch. A streamcast device like Roku can also make it possible.

Use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV and watch Hulu from a mirrored screen. Go to the Hulu website’s devicec list page to get more info regarding supported devices and features. This can serve as a good start to know how to do Hulu on your TV.

How to Watch Hulu on a Smart TV

Smart TV OS can easily connect to your Ethernet or Wi-Fi Internet network as a matter of course. This allows you access to online content from Hulu and other services like Netflix. If you have a smart TV, you don’t need anything else to watch Hulu on your HDTV.

  • Built-In Applications: Some TVs have Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video built in their OS in their very hard disk drive. You only need to open the Netflix or Hulu app, login to your account, and then watch your favorite TV shows, films, documentaries, and channels immediately.
  • Download Hulu App: If your smart TV lacks Hulu, you can download the Hulu app to make it work. Hulu works best when using the dedicated app or a web browser that has access to the Hulu website where you can stream on the web.
  • How to Get Hulu on Your Smart TV: Press “Home” on your remote. Select “Apps” then search for “Hulu”. Install Hulu app by selecting the first result and follow on-screen instructions. Launch the app, select “Log In” on the welcome screen, and then login.
  • Go to Your Profile: Choose your personal profile on the list and then start watching the things you wish to watch on Hulu. If you made your Hulu subscription via Apple TV, complete the account setup first before logging into Hulu on your HDTV.

Connect Hulu to TV

Logging in via Account Activation Code

Instead of typing out a long email address and password, you can login using an activation code instead. You will need your HDTV and your PC. The steps involved such a route includes the following.

  • Open the App and Select “Activate”: Open your Hulu app, go to the “Log In” selection on the Welcome Screen. Meanwhile, select “Activate” on your computer. You will be given an activation code on a new screen afterwards.
  • Go to the Hulu Activation Page: Now go to and then login from there. Enter the unique activation code on your login screen. You will be logged into Hulu shortly. Choose your personal profile from the given list.
  • Start Streaming: As soon as you click on to a personal profile you can start streaming immediately. With that said, not all devices offer the activation code option. You can’t do this on tablets and phones though.

Connect to Hulu via VPN for Those Outside the U.S.

If you’re outside the United States of America, you can’t legally access Hulu from there since it’s U.S.-based. Hulu doesn’t intend for anyone else other than the members of the average U.S. household to use its services. You can also use VPN to access Hulu from outside America if you want.

  • Hulu Blocks vs. Netflix VPN Ban: Region blocking and locking of content has been around since digital streaming became a thing and digital piracy remained rampant. With that said, Netflix’s bans on VPNs are nothing compared to Hulu blocks since Hulu was once free to view with ads.
  • Difficult to Circumvent: Why are Hulu blocks and VPN bans more difficult to circumvent? Hulu was the original talking point for various VPNs to sell themselves to consumers, thus Hulu has more experience in blocking them. They also air TV shows a day after network airing.
  • Hulu Even Airs Shows Live: It’s worthwhile to get Hulu as an American because of all its major network deals wherein they can air TV shows the day after they aired or sometimes simultaneously as the day they aired if you have the right subscription deal.
  • Hulu’s Major Deals: Hulu has major deals with major American networks for newly airing shows. They’re arguably better at it than even Netflix, which gets shows after airing or when they’re available on DVD or Prime Video, which depends more on original programs anyway.
  • Pick the Best VPN for Hulu: You need to be extra careful when picking the right VPN for Hulu that works in light of Hulu’s blocks and bans. A VPN also secures your connection while masking your identity online in a consumer-friendly way (as opposed to TOR, an onion router).
  • Which VPN Should You Get? Get a Hulu VPN pick that allows you to install it on multiple devices, including routers. This will secure your streaming not only on Hulu but also on Netflix and Prime Video. You can unlock shows you normally couldn’t get on Netflix via VPN.

How do I add Hulu to my Smart TV?

It’s easy to add Hulu to your Smart TV. Just do these easy things:

  1.  To get to the hub, press “Home” on your remote.
  2. Choose Apps.
  3. Use the search icon in the upper right corner to look for “Hulu.”
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up the Hulu app.
  5. Open the app for Hulu.
  6. On the welcome screen, click “log in,” and on this device, click “log in.”
  7. Type in your login information and click “Log In.”
  8. Pick your own profile from the list, and then start streaming.

So, that’s all! You’re all set to watch Hulu and watch your favorite shows. Enjoy!

Why can’t I connect Hulu to my TV?

Connecting Hulu to your TV can be tricky. there are a few things you can do to fix the problem.

  • Sign out of all devices and sign in again. Delete the Hulu app and re-download it from the app store. Log in again.
  • Check your internet download speed from the device you’re using (it should be at least 6 Mbps for Hulu and 8 Mbps for Hulu with Live TV.)
  • Finally, check to make sure that your VPN is not blocking any content. If all of these things fail, try contacting customer support.

To Sum it All Up

The Hulu service remains in-demand against titans like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video because it streams first-run episodes of your favorite shows from all the popular American networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox.

You can play catch-up with the programming like you’re using TiVo but with Hulu. Hulu also rose to fame by airing shows like Family Guy in an on-demand fashion that the Internet-savvy populace loved. You can also watch exclusive original content like The Handmaid’s Tale on the service.


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