How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Samsung Smart TV?

Bluetooth headphones are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They offer a convenient way to listen to music or make phone calls without disturbing those around you.

But did you know that Bluetooth headphones can also be used with hearing aid devices? By setting up a Bluetooth connection between the two, you can increase the volume for one person without having to raise the volume for everyone.

This can be especially helpful in situations where background noise is making it difficult to hear. So next time you’re in a noisy environment, reach for a pair of Bluetooth headphones and keep the sound to yourself.

How do I know my Samsung TV supports Bluetooth?

If your TV came with a Smart Remote, it has Bluetooth. That’s how the Smart Remote connects to the TV. checking Even if your TV came with a different kind of remote, you can still see if it works with Bluetooth. Choose Sound from your TV’s Settings, and then choose Sound Output. If Bluetooth Speaker List shows up, your TV can connect to Bluetooth speakers. You can also check by looking at the user manual that should have come with the TV.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Samsung Smart TV?

For your Bluetooth headphones to work with your Samsung TV, you will need to put them into Bluetooth Pairing Mode. The steps are a little different for each model of headphones, so please read the USER MANUAL for more information.

  • Once your headphones are in Pairing Mode, take your SAMSUNG Remote and go to the SETTINGS menu on your TV.
  • Look for SOUND OUTPUT and click on SPEAKER LIST.
  • Find and choose the headphones you want to PAIR and CONNECT.
  • Please keep in mind that the menu for setting up your TV may look different on different models. Check the user guide for your SAMSUNG for more information.

Once your headphones are paired and connected, you can use your SAMSUNG Remote to directly change the volume.




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