How do you reset an unresponsive FireStick?

How do you reset an unresponsive FireStick

To reset your Fire TV Stick with your remote control, turn on your device and then press and hold the Back button and the right directional button for at least 10 seconds. Finally, click Reset when you see the pop-up message.

If you’re a FireStick owner, you know that it can be extremely frustrating when your device becomes unresponsive. You may be trying to watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix or Hulu, but all of a sudden, your screen goes blank and nothing happens. Not to worry—there is a way to get your FireStick up and running again in no time. Here’s how you can fix an unresponsive FireStick.

Restarting the Device

The first thing you should do if your FireStick isn’t responding is restarted it. To do this, simply unplug the power cord from the back of the device for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. This will often fix any minor glitches that are causing your device to become unresponsive. Once you have plugged it back in, wait 2-3 minutes for it to boot up and then try using it again.

Updating Software

If restarting the device doesn’t help, then the next step is to make sure your software is updated. The easiest way to do this is by selecting ‘Settings’ on the home screen, then select ‘My Fire TV’ followed by ‘About’. Check if there are any available updates and if so, install them immediately. Once they have been installed, restart your device again as described above—this should fix any issues caused by outdated software.

Update Apps

It could also be that one of your apps is causing the issue with your FireStick; if so, updating them will often do the trick! From the home screen select ‘Apps’ followed by ‘Manage Installed Applications’ where you can see which apps need updating (if any). Select each app individually and update accordingly—your device should now be working properly!

Resetting an unresponsive FireStick doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming! By following these simple steps—restarting the device, updating software & apps—you can easily get your FireStick up and running again in no time at all! If these solutions don’t work for you however, don’t hesitate to reach out for further assistance from Amazon support specialists – they’re more than happy to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your device!


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Resetting an Unresponsive FireStick

Step 1 – Locate the Reset Button
The first step is to locate the reset button on the bottom of your FireStick remote. This is typically located on the back of the remote near the side with all the buttons. The reset button is usually a small hole that you can press with something like a paperclip or pen tip.

Step 2 – Hold Down Reset Button for 10 Seconds
After you have located the reset button, hold it down for 10 seconds until you see a prompt to confirm that you want to reset your FireStick. This should bring up a dialog box asking if you are sure you want to continue with the reset process. Select “Yes” and wait for the progress bar to complete before continuing with step 3.

Step 3 – Reconfigure Settings After Reset
Once your FireStick has been successfully reset, it will automatically restart itself and display a new setup screen. At this point, you will need to reconfigure all of your settings, including connecting any external devices such as game controllers or keyboards, setting up Wi-Fi connections, and entering login details for streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Once everything is configured correctly, you should be able to start using your FireStick as normal again!


There are a few different ways to reset your unresponsive FireStick. The first method is to simply unplug the device from the power source and then plug it back in. This will usually reboot the device and fix any temporary issues. If this doesn’t work, you can also try holding down the reset button on the back of the FireStick for about 20 seconds. This will force the device to restart and should fix any software issues that may be causing it to be unresponsive. Finally, if neither of these methods works, you can try factory resetting your FireStick. This will erase all of your data and settings, so make sure you’ve backed everything up before proceeding. To factory reset your FireStick, go to Settings > System > Reset to Factory Defaults. Once you’ve confirmed that you want to proceed, your FireStick will begin the reset process and should start working properly again when it’s finished.

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