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How to Connect Cable Box to TV?

Cable boxes are relatively easy to connect to your TV. Just connect your cable TV wire on one end and your video and audio cables on your TV. Cable TV boxes have A/V connections ranging from RCA composite to HDMI depending on how old they are.

How to Connect Sony TV to Wi-Fi?

Smart TVs like those made by Sony should be able to connect to your home Wi-Fi network in order to allow you to use the device like a PC or mobile gadget to download apps with. Here’s how you can specifically connect a Sony TV to your Wi-Fi. Smart TVs are “smart” in that they’re PC-like. Cellular phones… Read More »

How to Connect S-Video to TV?

Old-timey or vintage TVs have no issues in connecting with S-video media players. The issue comes when they try connecting to modern HDMI Blu-Ray or HD-DVD players as well as DVD players and cable boxes. The S-video (Separate video) format allows older Cathode-Ray Tube television sets to have enhanced picture quality compared to the standard RCA composite A/V… Read More »