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How to Connect Sony TV to Wi-Fi?

Smart TVs like those made by Sony should be able to connect to your home Wi-Fi network in order to allow you to use the device like a PC or mobile gadget to download apps with. Here’s how you can specifically connect a Sony TV to your Wi-Fi. Smart TVs are “smart” in that they’re PC-like. Cellular phones… Read More »

How to Connect S-Video to TV?

Old-timey or vintage TVs have no issues in connecting with S-video media players. The issue comes when they try connecting to modern HDMI Blu-Ray or HD-DVD players as well as DVD players and cable boxes. The S-video (Separate video) format allows older Cathode-Ray Tube television sets to have enhanced picture quality compared to the standard RCA composite A/V… Read More »

How to Connect Bose to TV?

You typically have to use an HDMI-ARC cable to an ARC-supported HDTV set in order to connect your Bose speaker to the TV. You can try things like a Bluetooth transmitter or wireless dongle to make the speaker wireless as well if you wish. You can connect Bose soundbars and speakers to your HDTV through an HDMI cable.… Read More »

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to TV?

In order to pair a Bluetooth speaker to your TV, you must be using a smart TV or have a Bluetooth dongle adapter available for use with CRT TVs or more primitive HDTVs with no smart functions or Bluetooth connectivity. It shouldn’t be a problem to connect an extra speaker or two to your TV, especially if you… Read More »