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How to Connect TV to Wi-Fi?

To connect your TV to Wi-Fi, it should be the type of TV that can use Wi-Fi or Internet. This means that old-timey CRT TVs you connect VCRs to probably don’t have Wi-Fi connection features. A smart TV or some HDTVs might though.

How to Connect FireStick to TV?

It’s easy to connect the Fire TV Stick to your TV if it’s a smart TV. You’ll need special adapters to connect your FireStick to a CRT TV or a plasma TV with no HDMI ports. You also have to set it all up.

How to Connect Roku to TV?

The Roku streaming device line—from the Streaming Stick to various media players—were designed to connect to your HDTV with an HDMI-In port. This article will show you how to connect and set such devices up.

How to Connect Hulu to TV?

Learn how to watch Hulu on your HDTV in 2022. It’s pretty simple when you get down to it. Hulu was arguably made for this. It’s like Netflix but with more on-demand channels and fewer issues with customers jumping ship due to jacked-up prices.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV?

Even as the rivalry of Xbox Series X and S vs. the PlayStation 5 heats up, Nintendo remains relevant and profitable with its hybrid portable and home game console the Nintend Switch. If you wish to know how to connect the Switch to your HDTV then keep on reading.