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How to Connect Laptop to TV?

You can connect your laptop to your TV by HDMI, VGA, or some sort of VGA or HDMI adapter. It depends on the TV set and how old it is. Most are HD flatscreens but you need adapters for CRT tube TVs.

How to Connect iPhone to TV?

You can connect the iPhone to your TV in order to play local videos or stream Netflix using HDMI or an adapter for HDMI (USB-C to HDMI). Just watch out for HDCP on your HDMI connection. Netflix uses it to block mobile streams mirrored to another TV or monitor.

How to Connect A/V Receiver to TV?

The A/V receiver helps “expedite” or at least streamline your stereo or sound system when connecting it to your HDTV, plasma TV or CRT TV. Even with the dawn of HDMI-ARC or eARC, A/V receivers remain immensely popular for home entertainment systems.

How to Extend Monitor with One VGA Port

An extended desktop, not to be confused with a mirrored display, is when you make your laptop or desktop PC have its user interface desktop extend beyond one screen. This is a handy feature available in many Windows and Mac OS operating systems. You just need to adjust your screen settings in accordance with the number of monitors… Read More »