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How to Connect AV Cables to an LG Smart TV

If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of old AV (audio/video) cables lying around your house. Maybe you’ve got some old VHS tapes that you want to digitize, or maybe you just want to connect your DVD player to your new LG smart TV. Whatever the reason, it’s actually really easy to connect AV cables… Read More »

JBL TUNE 205 – JBL Pure Bass Zero Cables Reviews

JBL TUNE 205 – In-Ear Headphone with One-Button Remote/Mic JBL Pure Bass Zero Cables are reviewed as having great sound with the 1-button remote and microphone. The Tangle-free flat cable is said to be able to take a beating and the metallic-finished housing looks great. The included components are a headphone and a carrying pouch. The only thing… Read More »

A2 LENRUE mini Portable Speaker with 3.5mm jack reviews

Introducing the A2 LENRUE mini Portable Speaker with 3.5mm aux-input. This small but mighty speaker is perfect for on-the-go listening. It’s made of aluminum alloy for durability and features a built-in 1000mah li-ion battery for hours of playtime. With Bluetooth connectivity and a TF card insert/ 3.5mm aux-input, you can easily connect your favorite devices and enjoy your… Read More »

No negative terminal on car battery: How to Jump Start?

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t access the negative terminal on the car battery, don’t worry. You can still jump-start the vehicle by connecting the negative clamp to a metal ground instead of the negative terminal. Just make sure you choose an unpainted metal part of the engine block. This will provide a safe… Read More »

How to Connect MacBook to TV?

How should you go about connecting MacBook to your TV set? Do you wish to mirror the screen onto your TV set to turn it into a monitor? Maybe you can use Airplay or a USB-C/Thunderbolt-3 connection for it, yes?