Can You Convert HDMI to DVI?


You may be wondering if you can convert the HDMI signal from your device to DVI for your monitor. The answer is yes, you can! All you need is an HDMI-to-DVI adapter and you’re good to go.

 Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

Looking for a way to connect your HDMI-equipped devices to your DVI-equipped devices? Look no further than the Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable! This bi-directional cable makes it possible to connect HDMI-equipped devices or connect DVI-equipped devices to HDMI-enabled devices.

The quality gold-plated connectors deliver optimal conductivity, while the flexibility of the cable makes it easy to connect even difficult-to-reach devices. Plus, the adapter cable is compatible with all HDMI or DVI-D 24+1 equipped devices, as well as DVI-I 24+5 equipped devices. So go ahead and make the connection you need with the Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable.

How to Convert HDMI to DVI

  1. Look at the HDMI port on your device. You’ll notice that it has two rows of pins in the connector.
  2. Locate the adapter that came with your device. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one at most electronics stores.
  3. Connect the adapter to the HDMI port on your device.
  4. Plug the other end of the adapter into the DVI input on your monitor.
  5. Power on your monitor and your device. You should see your device’s display on the screen.

Does HDMI to DVI lose quality?

The answer is no. HDMI was designed to be backwards compatible with DVI, so there is no loss of video quality when using an HDMI-to-DVI adapter or cable. It’s important to note that while you shouldn’t go spending big bucks on HDMI cables since most are the same, different cables have different speed ratings. So, if you’re looking for a high-speed cable for gaming or 4K video streaming, make sure to get one that’s rated for the appropriate bandwidth. Otherwise, any old HDMI cable will work just fine.


Converting HDMI to DVI is a great way to get high-quality video and sound from your HDMI device on your DVI monitor. All you need is an HDMI-to-DVI adapter and you’re good to go! Thanks for reading and we hope this was helpful.

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