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What is a Component Cable? Everything You Need to Know

Before the dawn of fully digital high definition or HD entertainment in movies, television, and gaming, people were still using analog technologies like RCA or component cables. The component cable became all the rage in the early to mid-2000s as the highest quality media connection standard until HD took over. It’s so full quality it can even reproduce… Read More »

Can You Convert HDMI to DVI?

You may be wondering if you can convert the HDMI signal from your device to DVI for your monitor. The answer is yes, you can! All you need is an HDMI-to-DVI adapter and you’re good to go. Looking for a way to connect your HDMI-equipped devices to your DVI-equipped devices? Look no further than the Amazon Basics HDMI… Read More »

Can You Convert HDMI to RCA?

You just got a new Blu-ray player and you want to connect it to your old TV. The only problem is that your TV doesn’t have an HDMI input, only RCA inputs. You start searching online for a solution and you see that you can buy an “HDMI to RCA” converter. But will it work? Let’s find out.… Read More »

Can You Convert HDMI to VGA?

Many of us have old computer monitors or TVs that we would like to use with our new devices. But what if those older devices only have a VGA input, and your new device only has an HDMI output? Can you convert the signal from HDMI to VGA? The short answer is yes, but there are a few… Read More »

Can you convert HDMI to DisplayPort?

Many laptops nowadays come with an HDMI port, but your monitor may use a DisplayPort connection. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering if there is a way to convert the HDMI signal from your laptop to DisplayPort for your monitor. The good news is that there is! Yes, you can convert HDMI to… Read More »

Can You Convert HDMI to USB?

You might be surprised to learn that you can’t convert an HDMI port to a USB. Many of us have become accustomed to the versatility of USB ports, which can be used for a variety of things. So, it stands to reason that you would be able to use a USB port to connect devices that use HDMI… Read More »